Brain Droppings: To Be a Fringe Thinker

Thinking on the fringe. He’s a real “fringe thinker.”

These thoughts and ideas and philosophies are not “fringe” because they are some distant alternative; some punk rock, far from reality, naïve perspectives. These thoughts dubbed fringe are dubbed so because they are very, very real and because the truth is inconvenient. They are fringe because they are not seen as viable options. It is difficult to hear the truth about the state of things and rightly change our basic expectations of American life—or any societal life on this planet for that matter—because it is increasingly hard.

There have never been more mouths to feed, more buildings standing, more internet used, more cars driving than there are today. Right now. And if you read this again a few months from now, that number will be even higher than when you first read those words in the previous sentence. They have even grown simply between the typing of these words and the time they took to get to you to read them.

To challenge the way we do things as a species, to innovate, to be critical, to ask the hard questions and delve into the scary places of our minds, to theorize and accept the realities of our own biases and mental walls and psychological predispositions, is to be fringe thinker.

They should call us concerned, informed intellects, not thinkers of funny things fringe.

Stay plugged in. Listen to people. Read a book. Philosophize.

Analyze. What are you opinions about… anything?



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One response to “Brain Droppings: To Be a Fringe Thinker

  1. anonyous_user

    Excellent Article!!!

    I am too a concerned thinker. People should be concerned about their well being and the surrounding they live off. Its time for people to stop blind fully accepting everything that’s offered to them. People should start purchasing organic food, and looking for ways to be more “greener”.

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