Personal Update: 4/17/12

So, hey kids! LOL

I don’t do many of these personal updates, but in the past few months I’ve received a few more “followers”, a steady amount of hits everyday, and I just wanted to say “Hi” and thank you for your interest.

I guess it is paying off to write about different forms of media and genre-types, because unless a blogger is really specialized in an area of expertise, I don’t like blogs that only do “classic books” or “action films” or “pop music.”

I find blogs to be a great way to share something very personal about your interests and thoughts with strangers, and it’s really fun and liberating for me. By posting such different things, I never know how things are going to be interpreted and I love the dialogue that somehow starts from a very little blurb, springing into a conversation between two or more people in a comment thread which get everyone thinking differently. I love that.

So I just wanted to say that I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing, and I wanted to give you guys a little bit of info about who I am and what I’m getting into in the next few months.


I’m now 26. Former band manager and frontman for a pop/punk/rock group (2004-2010). So, after a decade of food service, retail, music stores, and Blockbuster jobs, I was 25 years old last May when I finally graduated college after 7 long years of school. No, I’m not a doctor — just unsure of what I wanted, mixed with an incompetent registration procedure for classes, adding forever “another semester” while touring the East Coast and recording albums. With a chip on my shoulder, I graduated with a Film and Media Studies degree with a focus in screenwriting. I’m now a full-time employee in a Maryland County Library System, doing book discussions, film discussions, and pretty much having fun all the time and getting paid the most I’ve ever been paid thanks to my degree. Swish. 3 points.


Which naturally brings us to books. I recommend that you take a look at my “Books To Read Next” tab on the top of the page and give a look to upcoming books I will be starting soon or have already started. Being part of the library system, I get a lot of free books with no due dates. Comment in that area if you have book recommendations of your own. I read YA, mostly literary fiction (classic and contemporary), adventure, some sci-fi, and historical 19th and 20th Century fiction. Every now and then, I dabble in Biographies or radical Non-Fiction, like Blink by Gladwell, Bill Bryson yarns, and Christopher Plummer, Joan Didion, Patti Smith, and/or Michael Caine Bios. They gotta be old, and have a lot to say. I don’t care about some 35-year old’s memoir. What the f*** have they seen? Not much yet. LOL


I will be blogging about this particular topic soon because; (a) I’ve been focusing mostly on books of late; and (b) this summer 2012 is sizing up to be one of the best summers for a films in about 5-years. There is something of quality for everyone this summer! Like, really good.


So I wrote a novel. Time to plug my own work. I’ve been writing screenplays for four years now, and fiction, both short and long, for about two years. All of my work has been sent out to various publishing magazines and agents in their respective fields. I’ve only just started doing this heavily in 2012. No bites yet of course, and I don’t expect their to be anytime very soon. I’ve read enough books on the business and craft of writing to know that you need tough skin to ride out to get the good waves. Don’t forget: JK Rowling was denied over 7 or 8 times for over a year before anyone gave her little Harry Potter book a second glance. Look at her now. You gotta have tough skin and always strive to be better and learn. That goes for a lot in life, in fact.

So please, give my books a look. I have a novella When the Dark Sun Shines (the first), a collection of short stories and poems Small Doors to Big Spaces (the second and most versatile), and now , the strongest, my first full-length novel The Ghost of Casablanca (the third).

You can find them all for purchase or read their synopses by browsing this site:

Or you can search “Matthew Hughston” on The novel “The Ghost of Casablanca “is out May 1st, 2012 and may not pop up yet when you search for it there. You can get it through the link above though.

It’s quality stuff, and if you don’t believe, comment in the box below and I’ll send you the first three chapters of the novel or a duo of short stories for your consideration.

Just a nice guy, I is, eh? LOL



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