“Matched” by Ally Condie: a book review

Did you enjoy Farenheit 451, the Giver, Delirium, Twilight? Find relatable characters, solid dialogue, and conflict with high stakes interesting?

Then don’t read this turd sandwich. Go back and read those then.

The media hype and the YA reading community has never, ever been more wrong. At page 208, I realized I had over 150 more pages, and I was just like, “what did I read just now? What the f*** really happend in this story that couldn’t have been told in 100 pages? What is gripping about this?” Not to mention the many logic holes in the Society, the “paranoid big-brother, I’m watching you always” Orwellian government system thing which was really more of a “Brave New World” by Huxley thing, the “Gay” issue (or lack there of), the illogical choice of allowing “Singles” to meander around, do what they please, but not have kids ever, and the unnatural, illogical attractions of the main characters romances. The middle is a totla slog, there is almost no action, all she does is go hiking and whine th whole time, and Xander who rules gets the shaft because she’s falling for Ky, why? — I don’t know. Cassia, you’re dumb.

It’s not worth typing more, so if you really want to understand it, read the 3 star and 2 star reviews on Goodreads.com for this book.

Delirium was far superior, and in retrospect, I respect it more now. Geesh.

I threw Matchedacross the room and read the spoilers online… then the last two chapters. Trust me, I didn’t skip anything critical, I assure you.

a very charitable: 2/5



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