“The Search For Wondla” by Tony DiTerlizzi: a book review

Overall, excellent read for kids 10+ and even people into their late teens and early adulthood if they enjoy sci-fi and fantasy.

Be a kid again. Screw everyone else. Read what you like. Get taken away to another world with great art.

Author of the Spiderwick Chronicles, Tony made a terrific book, but one that’s a bit too long and overly-described. Every moment is logged and it didn’t have to be. Some moments and sceneriers did not need to be so heavily described as it slowed down some action, and given the story it’s telling, well, 400 pages would have been more than enough, but this book is over 460+.
Still incredible art, though, and a clever blend of post-apocolyptic, future-dytopia, adventure/quest/coming of age Epic, a la: Star Wars, Never Ending Story, and the video game Fallout 3. You get a likeable female protagonist, all of 12 years old, trying to find another human being on a planet, surrounded by fantastic creatures and robots. But this planet has a history. Oh yes, it does.
And it also has a sequel book… and a movie in the works.
Of course.




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