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Brain Droppings: Traveling

(Random thoughts on a random day. I quickly typed this and now leave it to your digestion.)

Some people get to see the world. Some people will never leave their town.

Do you actually want to see the world, or do you think you are supposed to because you might be missing out on something? Are you actually interested? Are you content with never leaving your country, your coast, your state? Do you want to leave forever as soon as you can, never to return home? Are you going to end up spending money you don’t have to see places you don’t care about because other people have put the idea in your head that you will die an incomplete being having not seen what they have?

Some people get to see the world. Marvelous and romantic it sounds.

And since life has no restart button, we would all do well to at least consider.

See the world? Yes? No? Why?

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